Turkey, EU: Ethiopia Must Respect Somali Sovereignty

In a recent phone call, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell reiterated the European Union’s backing for Somalia’s unity and territorial integrity, urging stability in the Horn of Africa. The move comes after Somaliland signed a controversial deal with Ethiopia, granting access to the Red Sea through the port of Berbera.

The EU’s statement emphasizes the importance of respecting Somalia’s sovereignty, echoing Somalia’s rejection of the agreement as a threat to good neighborliness. Meanwhile, Ethiopia celebrates the MoU as “historic,” aiming to revive maritime trade after losing Red Sea ports in the early 1990s.

Turkey’s response adds to the diplomatic discourse, expressing concern over the deal signed without Somalia’s knowledge and consent. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirms commitment to international law, unity, and territorial integrity of Somalia, advocating for direct negotiations between Somalia and Somaliland for dispute resolution.

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