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Somali broadcasting Corporation SBC is non Governmental media group (Radio, Television and Internet, SBC was established in June 2001 and its first FM Radio established in Puntland/North Eastern Somalia region and also it was the first FM Radio which can be heard three Cities in Somalia, on that developed System SBC gained a lot of high number of listeners in all areas that it operates and it enjoys remarkable credibility in both authority and community.

On That Year 2001 SBC has achieved to contract with BBC Somali Service in order to broadcast their transmission thought the FM Radio for better hearing and as stated in that contract 2004 SBC started airing Arabic and English Programs of BBC World Service SBC Radio has also managed to create collaborations with the International Organizations, already a number of UN Organizations including UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, IRIN, have their programs aired. In same like other International Organization such as Care International, Save the Children, and other Local NGO’s All these Organizations had their Programs aired by SBC such as HIV/Aids, FGM, Sanitation, Education e t c.

At the beginning SBC was first narrow group of media that had less capability whereas it now enables to cover large activities in the entire regions of Puntland sate of Somalia and it became first FM Radio aired in Northeast regions. It is installed largely several sub-offices and numerous broadcasting apparatus in the main towns, such as SBC Radio that capable to cover Bari, Sanag, Nugal, Karkar and other settlement areas along the red sea. SBC TV that covers in Bosaso, SBC TV Growe, City FM Radio and WEB of allsbc.com which makes easier to listeners and readers around the world to get access reliable resources of information. SBC is currently willful to broadcasting TV and radio operation program. First SBC FM Radio was functioning installed in Bosaso. In earlier SBC broadcasting reached certain extent.

Initially Bosaso Head Quarter and other two main towns of Qardo and Growe was head SBC voices with limited air time program. But SBC was achieving gradual promotions by obtaining variety technical devices, skilful human resources and increasingly is utilizing best public media that apparently played an active role with social development in Somalia. Other remarkable extension instalment was set up in 2006 while TV program additionally came on air time. City FM also becomes the new extension device instalment projects, along with BBC FM like east African towns have been intently installed in July 2007. However, SBC TV reached to Garowe in April 2008.

SBC Radio Reached January 2015 Thaicom5 Satellite which will cover Africa, Asia, Australia, And East Europe, freq 4053 Symbol rate 21667and it’s Working horizontal and vertical both.

On that Time 2015 Started to expand Cities that can be listen us FM and now we operate Bosaso, Qardho, Garowe,,Waaciye.

The other rural area that we can listen is Galgala, Qandala, Baargaal

Other audiences who can accesses internet can listen and watch SBC Radio/ SBC Somali TV our application on both Andriod and IOS 24/7 all over the world.

Radio SBC broadcasts its programs through FM channels which cover over 3000Km Square the main station of Bosaso Town while other two substations Covered 1000 KM square per station that means every station and its surrounding rural & urban areas were have chance to get luster SBC radio programs. The Radio has approximately 5M listeners Urban & rural areas.

SBC Website at present has over 20,000 daily visitors from around the world which they can easily follow latest news and information from Somalia and the rest of the World by text, audio and videos with a provisional and update.

SBC Radio and TV we have social media platform Verified Facebook account over 860K of followers we publish daily news, programs etc also SBC has Youtube / and Twitter Account which you can get daily news at the time they happen.

SBC Mission

In respect of current situation in Somalia and demand of information in this World SBC Mission can be summarized as:

Speeding free and fair information to the listeners of whole Puntland , Somalia and neighbors countries

Raising awareness in the community in all aspects of social sectors including Healthy, education, and peace building.

Giving fair confidentional access to all ranks so as to share opinions and ideas.

Promoting both small and large-scale business by advertisement

Creating interaction among the war divided people of Somalia

SBC is one of the most respect media in Puntland and also Somalia speaking territory.

Organizational Symbol

Neutrality, non-political and no partisan are the symbol of SBC.

SBC broadcasts HQ is located Bosaso

SBC Somali TV which covers all over the world 24/7.

SBC Radio works 16 Hours per day and it’s the most respect and Trustful Media in Puntland and even Somali Speaking Media.


The Radio broadcasts 24 programs such as:

1: Healthy and Mobilization
2: Education
3: Child Programs
4: Women
5: Sports News
6: World Newspapers
7: News around the World
8: Youth Programs
9: Panel Dissections
10: Music and Songs for Listeners
11: Economic and Bossiness reports
12: Religion Programs
13: Comics and short Stories
14: Peace and human rights
15: Weather forecast
16: Agriculture and Environment
17: Science and Discovers
18: Notice and Advertisements

SBC Head Quarter Bossaso, Puntland Somalia
SBC Building Airport Road Bossaso

Tell: +2525-824012 / 2525-824600 Office
Mobile: +252-90-7799628/252-661 280000

E-mail: sbcadmin@allsbc.com
E-Mail: sbcsomalia@gmail.com

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Updated on January 2021

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