Ayub Abdirizak’s Visit to Somalia’s Puntland

Date: 08.Feb.2023 : Bosaso, Puntland Somalia welcomed a senior Somali Journalist, Mr. Ayub Abdirizak, a political journalist, and a former officer of the Somali Army.

Today, Bosaso, the Puntland capital, welcomed Ayub, a Somali political expert residing abroad. His visit is intended to observe Puntland and Somalia’s overall conditions.

This official was met with warmth at Bosaso Airport by Puntland government representatives and other individuals, who then accompanied him into the city.

In an interview with the media at his Bosaso home, he explained his trip’s objective, which he defined as an assessment of the Puntland situation.

“I have come here to observe the general situation in Somalia which is in a difficult period, I am sorry to say that problems including lack of freedom of speech and the suppression of the press still exist in Somalia, but I praise Puntland as one of the places where the most freedom and better press is practiced”.

He proceeded to speak by saying,

“While I am in the country, I will encourage the unity of the people and make the community aware of the risk of tribalism and divisions and I will focus on strengthening the unity of the people in relation to the country and the people as one”.

Once more, Ayub stated that combating the religious thugs of Al-Shabaab requires a new strategy.

“If our community unites, we can fight our terrorist foes.” Even after the fall of the central government almost thirty years ago, we continue to be victims of terrorism and corrupt administration.

Since I am certain that Hassan Sheikh is being dishonest in the war on terrorism, I suggest that his administration combat al-Shabaab with integrity”.

He remarked in a message to Somalia’s prime minister and president.

“The weakest leaders the nation has ever had are Hassan and Hamse. While Hamse is simply considering his own interests and wants to remain in office, President Hassan is a guy who came to work for the country rather than for it. In my opinion, the nation and its citizens need to be spared”.

Lastly, he stated that he would visit the regions of Sool, Nugaal, and Mudug while in Puntland and would meet with academic elites, young people, and leaders in Somalia to discuss the value of youth in politics and to create opportunities for them to lead the nation.
“I will visit the Sool region, which is recuperating from wars and conflicts, and I will meet with the president and traditional elders while I’m in the country. I will also counsel the parties involved to work toward peace and understanding because no conflict ever ends well”.