The United Nations special envoy for Somalia has praised the call by the Somali government to hold a reconciliation and consultative conference in the country in June.

In an interview with state-run radio on Sunday, Augustine Mahiga said that he fully supports the initiative to assemble Somalis in their homeland to discuss the future of their country and how a reliable peace can be approached.

“The United Nations political office for Somalia (UNPOS) supports this very lucrative initiative from the beginning up to the end. I will participate in the conference and will persuade the rest of international community to come to the meeting,” the envoy said.

Mahiga said he was happy the government planned to hold such a conference, which he believed will show the world that Somalis can hold such an event in their country.

“I have met with the Somali president in Tanzania this week and I gave him full explanation about the recent consultative meeting in Kenya—the outcome of the Nairobi meeting is supporting the upcoming reconciliation conference in Somalia,” he stated.

He said that his office and the Somali government will discuss the timing of the meeting, although the Somali government has already announced the meeting will take place June 11-16.