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The Government of Somalia offers transparent and strong financial protections

(Mogadishu, Monday 06 June 2011) The Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia and AMISOM forces are winning the war against terrorist groups in Mogadishu. TFG and AMISOM Forces have now taken control of Hodon and Bondhere Districts.  Extremists have now been cleared from major landmarks and buildings such as the Former Ministry of Interior, the Italian and Syrian Embassies, Bondere District Headquarters, Manopolio Junction, and the Somaliweyne Radio station.



Security successes in Mogadishu provide hope for people to return to their homes. TFG  has put all its efforts politically and financially towards security. The Prime Minister of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo) said “As Prime Minister of Somalia, a position that I am privileged to being entrusted with, I carry, among other things, major financial responsibilities. During my short time in office, my government has instituted a transparent checks and balances apparatus and strong financial protections.


In the course of our battle against Al-Shabaab, we have undertaken alternative financial measures aimed at ending the violent insurgency. Naturally, some of these measures are clandestine and do involve expenditures that are outside the normal budget process. My cabinet is fully informed of these measures and supports them.


As with all other governments, certain intelligence and security matters are neither publicized nor are the source of their funding is publicly disclosed. Suffice it to say that the progress being made against Al-Shabaab in recent months has come at a high price, both in human and financial terms.


My government is ultimately accountable to the people of Somalia, and, at the end of the day, should be judged on the progress that we have been making to bring peace and stability to our country.”


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