Barely after eliminating the radical group of Somalia ‘Al Shabaab’ it may emerge again  many challenges regarding formation of possible federal system which can damage the efficiency of security and peace process towards remote areas from the capital city.

The government has announced that it has taken responsibility of making regional states although many layers are covering the reasons behind why the central government needs to put on its power formation although government subordinating the meaning of federal system. with regarding to  Somali’s constitution can allow every two or more  regions can have semi autonomy administration.

One of the most disputing towns are Kismayo and Baladweyn where  multi clans  are living there but neither clan or power is not on issue today in those cities. secretly the government has allowed Beledweyne and its people to make a process and common resolution about the foundation of ‘Dooxada’ Shabelle, while Kismayo and Jubbaland does not allowed government to decide their own  future in a meaning of that Kismayo and the rest of Jubbaland region may deal as a divided and conflict areas. thus it could be appointed administration from Mogadishu and it may also cause new conflict era.

With the respect of the Somali constitution which granted to the civilians that they should make their  own administration like Puntland and Somaliland the new born states do not need to make disconcert, intervention  and they definitely deemed to encourage it. The role of central government is limited and they would directly have a help to the international community and neighboring countries  in order to receive moral and economical support. Likewise there are groups and individuals who has maintained to jeopardies peace in Kismayo which was last two decades has much thorns and annoys from different far regions in Somalia.

As a consequences in a third decade of conflicts Somalis needs to adjust their statehood and sacrifice the domination of stability that had been done in a recently also leaders should think more about compromise with the civilians and it must be respected territories and clan settlements if they agreed to have their administration there is no chance to the Somali government to intervene if not then conflicts will rapidly goes so usual.

 In another case US and International donors should carefully think supporting to any of the current administrations in Somalia for lifting arms embargo although many Somalis are not yet reconciled and still vibrating the hotness of the wars and weapons which disabled to the country since beginning in 1990s. The common security pillars such as Police, courts and Jails would be better to give a hand with the functional and operating administrations to implement identically in order to reduce misusing and corruptions that flocked in the last two years  In  other hand humanitarian aid should be considered one of the most important issues that should be divided independently from the Central government due to the lack of confident and misusing.

Mohammed Ali Hersi ‘Dalmar’.