Al-Shabab which is a lively fanatic Islamist faction in Somalia has proudly claimed to be behind the hand grenade which was hurled in Mwauras nightclub in the heart of the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

An officer in the network of Al-Shabab who has spoken to some of the local radio stations in Mogadishu, but shortened his name as Sheikh Abuu Yahya said that they are behind the hand grenade attack.

“If the so called Kenyan government thinks that we unable to carryout vengeance of its act of invading our territory, we are telling them that we can carry out attacks right inside its capital city Nairobi, and before anything happened we recommended them [the Kenyan government] to pullout its troops from Somalia, but they have turned deaf ears to whatever we have told them, this hand grenade at the nightclub bar is the beginning and there will be series other attacks which we are also planning in some other big cities in Kenya” said Abuu Yahya.

Al-Shabab had earlier claimed a suicide attack in the Ugandan capital which had left over 75 people dead, and as well threatened to carry out attacks in some cities in Africa such as; Bujumbura and Addis Ababa.

The Kenyan government has sent its infantry troops into Somalia at the beginning of this month after tourists and Aid workers were kidnapped from inside the Kenyan territory.

Instantly after the kidnap, the Kenyan government was greatly suspicious of none other than Al-Shabab been behind the kidnapping of the foreigners in Kenya, and giving great security measures to both its citizens and foreigners.

The Kenyan government has as well used choppers at Al-Shabab stronghold bases in the Jubbah region and Kismayo sea port.

Al-Shabab has lately lost several key positions in Mogadishu, and some other regions in the country.