9 Oct, 2010. A Radio Correspondent in Southern Somalia has escaped death attempt in Mogadishu after two masked men were hit to shoot near to his resident home in Friday night at Cabdulcasiis District in Mugadishu.

Mohammed Ali Hersi (Dalmar) told reporters that he is feeling good after his escaping “Indeed ALLAH has many thanks my health is very good although I have got a shock, but I am doing fine” also Mr Hersi reveals there is still confusion and depression on his work.

The two attackers were walking behind him and immediately they attempt to kill in a dark place but failed to operate the assassination, as the witness told NUSOJ(National Union of Somali Journalist).

“I have got unknown calls from unknown people, but they told me that I have to stop what I am doing of my journalism, they also said to me they are Al Shabaab and I covered fake news from Al Shabaab but that’s lie. It is lie because of I never spread any fake news, I will never step down it, it’s my destiny to work in Somali and my reports will be concerned only true and fair” quoted Mr Hersi before five days earlier in last week.

Mohammed Ali Hersi (Dalmar) is working with SBC since 2007, and he also worked with several media outlets in Somalia and he is covering news from different sides in Southern Somalia although many challenges emerged during his work in Kismayo, in last July Mr Hersi were arrested unknown place in Kismayo by the Islamist Group of Al Shabaab after 12 days he took back his free.

In last month two shot attempts were failed to kill a TV reporter and Camera in Mogadishu when they are in cross fire between Somali Government with AMISOM peace keepers and insurgents fought in near KM 4.

In this year also Sheikh Nuur Mohamed Abkey were also killed in Mogadishu after three gunmen shot him near his home in Mogadishu, Mr Abkey was also one of the rare Somali veteran Journalist who was in Somalia.

Source. NUSOJ.