14, July, 2010. Local Radio Correspondent Mohamed Ali Hersi (Dalmar) was captured by Islamic Militia Al Shabaab Group in Kismayo, after they took him out side of his office near down town, where he has worked for the last four years.

Hours before his arrest, Militia went his home in Eastern district of Faanoole With heavy guns and ordered his Father and his wife not to call or notice him that they are searching, and after that they thoroughly reached at his office, says a local Journalist who’s hided his name for security reasons.

Unidentified place was took Mohamed Ali, along with his professional tools and there is no any recent information by his capturing, Al Shabab Militia is one of the most damaging sides to the Journalist.

Mr Hersi, 23, who is working with SBC (Somali Broadcasting Corporation), based in Semiautonomous region of Puntland and number Somali news websites has been in difficulties for his duties in last 2 years after The Islamic Militia of Al Shabaab conquered Southern City port of Kismayo in August 2008.

 National Union of Somali Journalist (NUSOJ) has condemned the arrest of Mohammed Ali (Dalmar) and called to end the violating and disturbing the free of expression, while most of the Jubba Province  Media Workers were been immigrating in the last two years, after taking in Prison and assassinating their colleagues in the City and rest of the country.

 Journalists in Somalia are operating their work as a hostile to free of expression and without respect according to their dangerous situation many journalists are lost to their life every year, in June 2008 Nasteh Dahir a vice president of National Union of Somali Journalist and contributor to several news outlets were murdered by two men in Kismayo, in this year a veteran journalist Sheikh  Nuur Mohamed  Abkey was also killed Mogadishu in May.