We media houses and journalists of Puntland hereby denounce discrimination
and sideling of Puntland journalists and media houses for London conference.

We are conscious of invitation AU-IST Albany Firm to invite three
journalists from Mogadishu including one from its former Radio Bar Kulan to
London conferences on 7, 8 and 9 May.

The fact that this meeting is about Somalia and Puntland journalists and
media houses were discourteously discriminated by Albany Firm to tell what
is happening in London for Somali people in Puntland region. Knowing well
our colleagues in Mudug, Hiiraan, Bay and Bakool are like us in this bad

We are not against our brothers from Mogadishu to be invited to cover
London conferences. This is their right. However we are against behaviours
of Albany Firm in cooperation for British Embassy.

Undersigned Puntland Media houses and journalists in all Puntand region
decided to embark on a news blackout for London meetings on 7, 8 and 9 May
to protest against this uncalled for action.

We condemn Albany Firm and British Embassy in Somalia for this
discrimination against Puntland media and media in other regions.

Albany Firm is infamous for demeaning journalists of Somalia abusing rights
of journalists, divided Somali journalists, scorned our national union of
Somali journalists and now discriminated Puntland media.

Albany Firm stop dividing Somali media.

We request Puntland government to protest, reject this offensive behavior
of Albany Firm shielded by British Embassy and take action.

British Embassy stop discriminating Puntland media, stop dividing Somali
journalists, stop supporting rudest agenda by Albany Firm.

*Radio Galkaio*

*Radio Voice Of Peace*

*Raad-Raad News Paper*

*Radio SBC*

*Al-Xikmah Radio*

*Radio Hagge Somalia*

*Radio garowe*

*Galkaio TV*