Office of the Ambassador and Special Delegate of the Italian Government to the Somali Republic


“Suicide bomber targets Somali Prime Minister’s Office”

Mogadishu, 29th January 2013 – The Ambassador and Special Delegate of the Italian Government to the Somali Republic, Mr. Andrea Mazzella, strongly condemns the cowardly attack carried out today against Villa Somalia by unknown assailants.

“This episode reinforces our belief that the Authorities of the Somali Government are working in the right direction to fight against Al-Shabaab and to re-bring the country to the path of peace and economic development.

In these days, Italy is increasing its contacts with the Somali Authorities with the aim of strengthening our bilateral cooperation in various areas, and particularly in the security sector, in order to guarantee the stability in the capital and in other critical areas of the country.

We want to assure our deepest solidarity and closeness to the families of the victims of this shameful attack, and to all the people of Somalia, in this very critical and important turning point in the Somali history.

Italy appeals to all the sound forces of the country, at this difficult time, to support the efforts of the Somali Government for peace, reconciliation and stabilization. Only with the support of all sectors of the Somali people, it will be possible to change the fate of Somalia.

We understand the despair of many Somalis living in poverty, without a job, without dignity, with nothing to eat for themselves and their children, and we would like to address them a warm appeal to continue fighting for a better future, without succumbing to the ideology of those who propose them, alternatively, to destroy their own life and the one of other Somalis.

At the same time, we express the fervent hope that the mission to Brussels of H.E. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud will be crowned by the greatest success, and that the assistance from the whole International Community may be intensified in support of peace and stability in Somalia.”

Andrea Mazzella

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