Warsaxafeed ku qoran Luuqada English-ka oo ay soo saareen maamulka Puntland ayaa looga hadlay weerarka ay ciidamada Somaliland ku qaadeen Deegaanka iyo Dadka Buuhoodle waxaana maamulka Puntland uu ku tilmaamay weerar qaawan oo ay soomaaliland ku soo qaaday dadka deegaanka


Somalia: Puntland Condemns Somaliland’s Naked Aggression against Buhodle

The Government of Puntland State of Somalia strongly condemns Somaliland’s violent aggressions against the communities of Buhodle district.

On 15 January 2012, Somaliland forces attacked Buhodle district and caused suffering and destruction – causing civilian casualties and property loss. It is not the first time that Somaliland forces attacked Buhodle district – prior attacks occurred in February and May of 2011.

Puntland Government condemns in the strongest terms the naked aggressions perpetrated by Somaliland separatists against communities in Buhodle and other regions, while Somaliland continues to reject peaceful dialogue to ease tensions in northern Somalia.

Violent imposition of a political ideology and religious extremism will not work in Somalia and will certainly trigger undesired consequences. Puntland Government has always been a pioneer for the stabilization and unity of Somalia, has promoted peaceful coexistence among communities, and has always called for dialogue to resolve differences, and the Government urges Somaliland to immediately seize military aggressions against communities.

Finally, Puntland Government sends condolences to the families of victims of Somaliland’s latest violent aggressions against civilians and their properties.