Ali Cabdi Ducale AKA Dalnuurshe is a Somali independent Journalist/Photographer and a part time Freelance Humanitarian/Aid worker. Cali is the founder of Puntland Today and editor in chief at Puntland post. I had the pleasure to interview with Ali whom I asked him about his intentions on his newly formed project.

Each photo he shoots tells a different a story and touches our heart and mind in one way or the other.

Rahma Mire

Rahma Mire

Before I go straight to the interview and about Dalnuurshe I would like to mention and remind you his marvelous work on how he published the story of Sowda the young Somali baby girl who has been diagnosed with cancer. “I captured moments and the emotions of Sowda before she was assisted so that they will not be forgotten” he says when I asked him about the child’s situation. He did not only publish her story he raise awareness and helped to raise funds in supporting the kid’s family.

The Somalia’s civil war damaged both the entire countries beautiful cities and environment.Using his photography passion and taking advantage of his skills he dedicated his free time to appreciate and show the world the development going on his rising country.


Ali Dualle / Dalnuurshe

About Dalnuurshe

This project was founded in mid 2015 with an aim to present the beautiful images of the country to exhibit and document the growth and development of Somalia. Ali publishes his photographs on social media platforms mainly on twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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“I’ve always been fascinated by photos of ocean, flowers, blue sky and wish if I can capture those beautiful landscape myself. That is why I enjoy photography”he says.

Here he tells me! All about his photography story and Dalnuurshe;
What do you do for a living?

I am an independent journalist.I have recently founded Dalnuurshe I aim to show the beauty of Somalia.

Where you born in Somalia?

Yes, I was born and raised in Garowe the capital city of Puntland State of Somalia.
Why did you decide to get in to photography and show the beautiful of Somalia?
I enjoy photography because it allows me to capture and share what I see in nature.

We are in 21st century and I think it is time to show the unseen beauty of our country. I have been traveling and whenever I travel I could see stunning places in Somalia I really liked the photos I took and choose to share with my fellow on social media. I am doing this to encourage my fellow Somalis to see that and discourage Migrating to other country.

How do you manage to multitask both as a journalist and a Photographer?

It is a bit difficult to do both, but what I usually do is during my free time I take advantage of my time and go to places that development is going on and shoot. I like updating other Somalis about the new developing in our country and this can be done only by providing videos or photos.

What do you mean by the name Dalnuurshe?

Dalnuurshe is a Somali word it basically means discover Somalia.

How many regions have you covered so far?

Mudug, Nugaal, Gardufuu, Bari and Sanaag particularly Cal-madow. I am planning to make trips to other regions of Somalia that I have never been to yet. I believe there are other beautiful places.

Among the many photos you took which one is your favorite?

I admire each and every photo that I shoot, but if you insist in knowing a particular one the photos I took my visit to Cal-madow, I truly love it. The place was powerful, stunning, and most of all, beautiful.

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