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Somali pirates keep Indian hostages after ransom

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — In a move that could change the pirate-hostage equation, Somali pirates on Friday took in a multimillion dollar ransom, then released …

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US brings case against Somali pirates’ leader

US authorities have announced that they had made a major step in the war against Somali piracy, bringing the first case against a pirate leader. …

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Somalia pirates release German ship

Somali pirates have freed a German cargo ship, Beluga Nomination, after paying a ransom, pirates and maritime officials said on Wednesday. The cargo ship, with …

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Somalia offensive gains ground, but at high cost

Somalia offensive gains ground, but at high cost (AP) MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — African Union peacekeepers who launched an offensive seven weeks ago have expanded …

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Danish warship frees 18 hostages after skirmish with pirates off Somalia coast

A Danish warship has rescued 18 hostages, and captured 15 suspected pirates from a vessel off Somalia’s coast, the Royal Danish Navy’s Operational Command said …

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Govt Wants to Negotiate with Somali Pirates

Indonesia on Monday said it is negotiating with Somali pirates to release 22 Indonesian sailors who were taken hostage during an attack last month. Djoko …

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U.N. Security Council backs Somalia piracy courts

The U.N. Security Council on Monday backed the idea of special courts to try captured Somali pirates but put off a decision on thorny details …

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Moussa Koussa warns Libya could turn into 'new Somalia'

The former Libyan foreign minister Moussa Koussa has used his first public comments since his defection to Britain to urge all sides in the conflict …

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Somali Journalist Escaped death attempt in Mogadishu.

9 Oct, 2010. A Radio Correspondent in Southern Somalia has escaped death attempt in Mogadishu after two masked men were hit to shoot near to …

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Somali Journalist Arrested in Southern city under Islamic Militia control.

14, July, 2010. Local Radio Correspondent Mohamed Ali Hersi (Dalmar) was captured by Islamic Militia Al Shabaab Group in Kismayo, after they took him out …

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